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Blizzard cracks down and bans the botters during a ‘Blizz Bot Ban’

Late last night Blizzard Entertainment decided that enough was enough and went on a ‘Blizz Bot Ban’ rampage, deleting numerous botters and their bots (and other people found using cheats and hacks) throughout Azeroth and the World of Warcraft. The cheater cleanse happened shortly after 11pm PST when people suddenly got booted from the server experiencing suspensions ranging from 6 months to 18th months depending on whether it was a first offence or you are a naughty repeat offender.

banned - Blizzard cracks down and bans the botters during a 'Blizz Bot Ban'

It seems that Blizzard has a new way of detecting botters with their bots who use software called Honorbuddy (Honorbuddy website is currently down….) and a mass of banned reports flooded in through the Honorbuddy forums.

Bossland GmbH, the creators of Honorbuddy and other cheatware, lost an $8.6 million lawsuit to Blizzard over copyright infringement as they stated that their software “reverse-engineered and otherwise altered its games without permission.”

Many excuses have been coming from various players saying that they were not using bots and therefore their bans should be overturned, however Blizzard states in the ban emails received by those accused of cheating that… “Our team issued this suspension only after a careful review of relevant evidence. Our support staff will not overturn this penalty and may not respond to appeals.”

So if you are using bots…. beware, Blizzard is watching you…

dims - Blizzard cracks down and bans the botters during a 'Blizz Bot Ban'

Photo Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

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