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Gamer Girl’s Top Twitch Streamers & Twitch Channel List

Being a full on gaming house we watch Twitch more than we watch ‘traditional’ TV and even whilst working or gaming, Twitch is usually on in the background. Twitch, since launching in 2011, has evolved its reputation as the world’s leading social video platform and community for video game culture to now encompass an array of emerging content surfaced by its users. As a result, 15 million visitors gather daily to interact about video games, music, the creative arts, their lives, and more with over 2 million unique creators who broadcast each month.  But I do have some favourites out of the 50+ streamers I follow or subscribe to and I hope that in this list you’ll be able to find some new ones to watch too.

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These are my top tips for great Twitch streams!

Preach Gaming aka PreachLFW – Preach Gaming consists of Mike (Preach), Andy (Ghost) and Emma (Mrs Preach). Originally a dedicated World of Warcraft stream, Preach has now diversified into other games but still heavily streaming WoW content. Mike was part of the original <Method> (which if you play WoW you will have heard of!) guild in WoW and was one of WoW’s best ever Warriors. His guides are excellent, his streams are as funny as hell especially Drama Llama Fridays and he (and the rest of the team) doesn’t pretend to be something he isn’t and to be honest, that is very refreshing.  I’ve been watching Preach for a few years now and he is still my favourite WoW streamer.

Bajheera – Still one of the most well known WoW PVP’ers to date and enjoyable stream to watch. Athough when he streams be prepared to giggle to yourself when he talks very fast during arena matches 😉 A very down to earth soul and genuinely connects with his streamers.

Asmongold – An incredibly reactive WoW streamer and hilariously funny.  Mainly PVE content with a little PVP but his face when he gets the loot he wants is just priceless. His WoW knowledge on items, gear, loot, mounts and achievements is outstanding and I do love to watch his ‘Mount Off’ contests! He will always be my ‘special boy’ 😉

Nixxiom – Many of you will know Nixxiom from his Machinima YouTube videos. But his streams are hilarious and well worth a watch. We play on the same server in WoW and every now and again I pop up in his streams (my little claim to fame lol). A great guy with a great stream.

Swifty – Made famous for his Warrior macros for WoW PVP back in the day, Swifty still has a huge following and his streams are full of jokes, funny scenarios and he isn’t afraid to show his set up and be honest when things go wrong. A great easy going stream to watch.

Slootbag – Sloot has been playing WoW since 2004 (like me!) and like other WoW streamers, streams raids etc but also works with the World of Warcraft team and Blizzard as he presented and commentated on the Mythic Dungeon Invitational (MDI) this year.  Originally the tank for <Serenity> guild which was an offshoot of <Method> he still is one of the world’s best players and to see him presenting the MDI was a delight. He should wear a suit more often, very smart Sloot… very smart!

ZatcharyGaming – As a member of Team Prophecy who came 4th in the WoW MDI this year, Zach of ZatcheryGaming has a very similar approach to both PreachGaming and Swifty. His streams are steady and easy to watch. Being in the UK our time differences mean that he is my ‘late night streamer’ of choice when I cannot sleep. What I also like about Zach is that he is polite. He doesn’t feel the need to get all heated up about stuff very often!

Hotted89 – I stumbled across Hotted89 (Alan) a while back through Asmongold’s stream as he hosted a new chat show (at the time) called AllCraft. Now Alan is a stable part of my streamer favourites. As the business development officer for <Method> you know he has his head screwed on. His streams are light and fun and again he doesn’t put a pretense on. Well worth a watch.

ShaBooZey – ShaBooZey is probably better known as the rather awesome Jesse Cox. A gamer, voice actor and all round good guy, he won a Golden Joystick Award in 2016. If you are a fan of WoW Machinima and remember the 2010 Rise To Power winner ‘Welcome to the Deadmines‘ then he was very much part of the team that brought you that little nugget of WoW goodness.

DansGaming – Dan just makes me laugh and I mean that in an entirely nothing but good way. He has the naughtiest and cheekiest giggle of all the gamers and when he giggles, we all giggle! Dan streams a variety of games and always makes what he plays entertaining, even if he isn’t enjoying the game itself he makes us laugh. An excellent streamer with a fantastic stream.

GinxTV – More of a series of shows than a stream and also a dedicated eSports and gaming channel on both Virgin Media and Sky. but sometimes it’s just easier to watch on Twitch. All round gaming news, live stream reporting from various gaming events and of course eSport catch ups.

The_RemyD – Oh Remy. Remy, Remy, Remy… The undisputed King of Creativerse (for those who don’t know, Creativerse is the superior version of Minecraft – yeah, I said that… superior!). I love playing Creativerse and RemyD is a pure inspiration. Not only on the things he makes but also how he explains what he is doing and helps others. A really lovely guy and a great stream.

Jimmy The Brush – Jimmy live streams the paining of miniatures such as Warhammer etc. Jimmy and Princess (his partner) are by far my favourite painting streamers as their streams are funny and light and his painting…. well it’s just awesome! I have had the pleasure of chatting to Jimmy off stream too and he is such a lovely lad. If you love Warhammer, it’s well worth a watch!

Mallius – Another miniature painter and his painting skill is outstanding. I love watching Mallius not only because of the painting but the music is awesome as you are allowed to choose your own music which can be quite funny at times 😉


Author - Bexz Walker (aka Gamer Girl)

UK games writer and (almost) full time gamer. Bexz aka Gamer Girl, has written for publications, worked with brands and live streamed and reported from MCM ComicCon, The Daily Mail, Reuters, USAtoday, FoxNews, Ideal Home Show (Tech Section), Marks & Spencer, The Walt Disney Company, NetMums, MumsNet, Prima Magazine, Bella Magazine, Natural & Organic Products Show, Natural Food Show, Lindt Chocolate, Doris & Co and many more.

Living in Kent with her family, most of her evenings and weekends are spent in London either attending press events as a journalist or gaming. Bexz loves all games but especially the MMORPG game World of Warcraft which she has been playing since December 2004. Bexz was in the top 14% of worldwide World of Warcraft PVP players in early 2017 and is already heading towards the top 9%. She is the guild master of 2 World of Warcraft guilds and you can find her playing one of her many healer classes in raids and dungeons as well as PVP arena and battlegrounds. Playing other games such as Overwatch, Call of Duty, Creativerse, CS:GO, Warframe, Sims4, Hearthstone, Wildstar, SWTOR, D&D, Pathfinders, Magic: The Gathering and a whole heap of others, as well as now just starting to build her first Warhammer army, gaming is a huge part of not only Bexz's life but her whole family, as every member of her large family games in one way or another.

Writing about gaming is a complete passion and a joyful extension of her gaming life. With games reviews, both informational and humourous pundit opinions and general gaming news and views, Bexz knows the the gaming industry like the back of her hand. And she loves every single minute of it.

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