Gamer Chat & Game News / June 20, 2017

Sony PlayStation 4 top of U.S monthly sales for May 2017 beating Nintendo Switch.

Sony’s PlayStation 4, the giant we all know and love (or maybe hate), has topped U.S. monthly sales for May 2017, removing Nintendo switch from its spot as top dog, making the PlayStation 4 the best home selling console in the united states. Sony’s PlayStation 4 beat out all competition, including fierce competition from the Nintendo Switch which had previously shot to the top spot following its release in March 2017. We do not know how many units Sony sold but we do know that overall hardware sales rose to $147 million during this period which adds up to a 7% growth.

PS 4 - Sony PlayStation 4 top of U.S monthly sales for May 2017 beating Nintendo Switch.

If that wasn’t enough to make PlayStation 4 fans happy, then we can all be excited for the number of exclusives coming in 2018 such as the new God of War and Spider Man. But if you can’t wait that long then 2017 still holds an exciting line up with such titles as Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, the much loved Gran Turismo Sport and others that will no doubt help push Sony’s PlayStation 4 sales up.

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