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The Sims 4: New Fitness Stuff Pack

Sul Sul!

So with only one week now until EA releases yet another DLC pack (this time a Stuff Pack) for us to enjoy, who else is super excited? Are you ready to watch your sims get fit this Summer instead of doing it yourself? Well, you are not alone, and with the Fitness Stuff Pack right round the corner let’s have a look at it what our sims will be getting up to together!

Furniture, new apparel, rock-climbing… well, this is definitely going to be one stuffed stuff pack (The puns will stop I promise!).

Moving on, the main focus of this stuff pack is to push your athletic sims to new heights and, with the addition of a rock climbing treadmilll, to get your fitness routine set into stone (oops…a couple more puns there…I tried…). The rock climbing brings a lot of fun to your usual fitness workouts, especially with the introduction of challenges. Yep, you can now challenge other sims… a bit of friendly competition can’t hurt anyone can it? Besides, even if the competition does get too much, your sims can always drown out the sore losers with the brand new earbuds!

fitness stuff furniture 1024x497 - The Sims 4: New Fitness Stuff Pack

We also have new bathroom items, new modern lounge items, a Jacuzzi, what more can your sims want when getting those summer bodies ready? Oh sorry, I may have forgotten to mention that your sims can now play Just Dance Sim Style, which looks like a whole lot of fun and is perfect for all those sims who prefer to work out in the luxury of their own home! But apart from that, there really isn’t much more a sim could need in the fitness world and this seems to be a fun and interactive stuff pack.

sim just dance 1024x488 - The Sims 4: New Fitness Stuff Pack

So whether you’re a sims lot builder or a fitness fanatic, we have a lot to look forward to on the 20th June! But until then, Dag Dag!

Photo Credit: The Sims

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